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Filmmaker, Journalist, Braindead doodler, short-story writer


I am a video journalist and photographer who writes features on the side. My life’s dream is to become a creative mule, or at least a somewhat talented jackass.

Semi-talented enough as an artist, some savvy writing skills as a reporter. The result: becoming a visual journalist so that I can be good at both!

Born and raised in Tacoma, I try to shine a light on the zany, kooky, and under-reported sub-sects of life, be it clowns or robot journalists, I record it all.

I freelance for video, photo, or web design commissions and try to make small indie movies or artsy film on the side. You can also look at my resume!

I am currently available for commissions and can release my weekly availability upon email request, click here for the contact form and my email.

About Me: About Me
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